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sacred_classroom_stepsCreative was founded in 2010 by B. Ashok and Jayashree Ashok along with a dedicated founding team of Reshma Madhusudhan, Rathy Nair, and Dhivya Naren. The school started with 16 children and today is a thriving community of around 220 children. Creative has been blessed with the spiritual guidance of many masters. Our school is dedicated to raising children consciously while providing a strong foundation for their spirit.

The core of the work in the school from when it was founded has been the implementation of a curriculum based on “The Sacred Classroom” and redefined classroom structures.

What then is the Sacred Classroom?

sacred_classroom_circleIt is the foundational set of principles for teachers to practice and centre themselves to bring sacredness into the classroom and support focused and immersive learning. These bring about deep awareness and transformation on how teaching and learning happens.

The Sacred Classroom brings the role of teacher well-being into focus and helps teachers to empower themselves to learn Save the art of self-care and wellness that form the foundation of inspired teaching. Teachers also learn an array of tools that they can use to guide children towards social, emotional and spiritual wisdom.


JayashreeJayashree Ashok is the Founder and Director of the Creative School and Prajna Living Wisdom Centre along with her husband Ashok and a founding team. For several decades, she worked in the area of education with schools and non-profits/NGOs. Jayashree’s learning and inner growth led her to a deep spiritual transformation. She realized the need for a holistic school that works with the “whole” child – body, mind, emotions, and soul. The Creative School was born after lots of soul searching, healing and insights from her soul. Jayashree had created a new model for holistic education called The Sacred Classroom which covers the spiritual foundation and education pedagogy of Creative school. She has authored the trilogy of books on the same “The Sacred Classroom”, “Four Step LEarning”, “Co-creating Sacred”

Jayashree received a lot of inspiration and guidance from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Early on in the spiritual training she had a Oneness experience while training with The Tao Fellowship. Based on her inner guidance she returned to India and then then found her way with the guidance of Dr. Newton Kondaveti. She has also trained with Leonard Orr on Breathwork and Spiritual Purification while he was at Creative school. Both Gurus have had a strong influence on her spiritual journey. Jayashree has benefitted from many Spiritual teachers and experienced a strong foundation for spiritual teaching and healing.

At Creative, Jayashree has many different roles. As the administrative head, she consciously creates a strong spiritual foundation for the administrative processes. She has been instrumental in creating policies that inspire greater participation in the vision and that promote transparency, honesty, and integrity. Creative has evolved into a strong spiritual sangha under her leadership.

In addition to her administrative role, Jayashree teaches many classes at Creative. Jayashree helps children through in a unique class on Spiritual Science called, “Life and Living.” She has created and designed most of workshops offered at Creative and Prajna Wisdom Centre. She facilitates weekly Wisdom Circles and Self Work at Creative for ongoing growth. This has given Creative a very strong foundation, helping transform the lives of many.

Jayashree is a spiritual teacher at heart, working with adults, children, and families in schools. It gives her the greatest joy to facilitate people towards inner transformation. She specializes in emotional healing, passionately believing in following the path of the heart and teaching by example. She has led many workshops and has facilitated many individualized healing sessions for adults as well as children.

Jayashree has more than two decades of experience in the area of spiritual healing and transformation using Rebirthing Breathwork, Energy Healing methods, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), HoOponoPono, Past Life Regression, Inner-Child Healing, Healing Relationships, Intuitive Acupressure, Meditation, NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and other healing methods.

AshokAshok is the Founder and Chairperson of the Creative school, along with his wife, Jayashree Ashok, who is the Founder and Director of the Creative School and the Pragya Healing Wisdom Centre. Their two daughters, Manasa and Sambhavi study at Creative. They live next door to the school along with their three Golden Labradors!

After growing up in Bangalore, Ashok graduated from IIT Madras and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a computer scientist. A software engineer by profession, Ashok worked at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington for a number of years before relocating to his hometown of Bangalore, in 2007. Ashok currently teaches on a voluntary basis at Creative while continuing to work full-time as the Director of Development at Microsoft Research India.

While in the US, Jayashree and Ashok co-founded the Seattle chapter of Asha for Education, a non-profit voluntary organization that partnered with and helped set up schools for the underprivileged in various parts of India. Asha was the beginning of their journey in education that culminated in the formation of the Creative School in 2010.

Ashok is passionate about music, basketball (and sports in general), number & word puzzles, technology, and humor. In keeping with his passions, Ashok teaches basketball, mathematics, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) at school. He also helps Jayashree with Carnatic music classes once a week.

Ashok has trained with Kaya and Christiane Mueller, Erik Berglund, Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Leonard Orr, Dahn Yoga, Art of Living and in various healing modalities. He has trained in Dreams, Signs and Symbols, Energy Healing, Re-birthing Breathwork, Abundance work, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regression, Non-violent Communication and various other modalities.

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