The Sacred Classroom

A teacher’s journey to consciousness

The Sacred Classroom is based on the seven principles that honour a teacher’s journey in class and acts as a guidepost for the evolution of consciousness in him/her and in the classroom.

The Sacred Classroom is a one of a kind training offered to teachers in empowering themselves to learn the art of Awareness, Self Care & Wellbeing that form the foundation of inspired teaching. The Sacred Classroom nurtures social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Founders’ Message

Founder of The Creative SchoolBased on the books and teachings of The Sacred Classroom by Jayashree Ashok, The Sacred Classroom principles form the consciousness and spiritual foundation for the pedagogy at Creative School. These principles have been practiced by teachers over a decade, leading to an alive, light and joyful environment in class.

It is time for a new beginning in how we approach education, teaching, learning and our work with children. Read more

“The first thing to do, in order to be able to educate a child, is to educate oneself, to become conscious and a master of oneself so that one never sets a bad example to one’s child.”

The Mother

“The presence of an aware and yet, a very loving teacher is a precious gift to children.”

Sacred Classroom Trilogy

A foundational set to creating a Sacred Classroom

The combined guidelines outlined in the Trilogy of books “The Sacred Classroom”, “Four Step Learning” and “Co-creating Sacred” form the foundation of the pedagogy of Creative School which is in practice in the school by teachers for over 10 years.

The Sacred ClassroomTM

The Sacred Classroom

Seven Principles acting as a guidepost for the evolution of consciousness of the teacher

4 Step Learning Cover

Four Step Learning

A cyclical process that brings awareness and mindfulness into the learning process for the student

Co-Creating Sacred cover

Co-Creating Sacred

Practical guidelines on how to integrate the Seven Sacred Principles and the Four Step Learning into the classroom

The Sacred Classroom programs

Teacher Awareness, Inspiration, Self-Development & Well-being

The Sacred Classroom

3 days
Sacred Classroom – Basic

The Sacred Classroom

5 days
Sacred Classroom and Life & Living

The Sacred Classroom

7 days
Intensive practice course on the Seven Principles of the Sacred Classroom

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The Sacred Classroom Teacher Program

The Sacred Classroom Teacher Program

Our training programs offer a journey into awareness and well-being for teachers and care-givers of children.  We train administrators, teachers or parents in well-being practices as well as the practice of the Sacred Classroom principles.

Our programs are open for individuals, institutions and organizations: private, governmental, quasi-governmental and non-governmental. We work with schools, colleges, universities, home-schools in India and Overseas covering the entire learner spectrum.

Our foundational work redefines who a teacher is and provides a complete shift in the mind-set of a teacher. The Sacred Classroom is this part of our foundational pedagogy, a uniquely experiential training offered to teachers in empowering themselves to learn the art of awareness, self-care and wellness that form the foundation of inspired teaching A fundamental shift in the consciousness and heart of teaching is wh


at we aspire for. This workshop encourages and inspires a teacher to realise his/her potential and connect to the light and strength within. As an individual gets in touch with all capacities of himself/ herself, a new vitality and confidence is born. This inner source of strength and empowerment turns into motivation to be an inspired teacher.

Through the different modules in the workshop a teacher receives valuable suggestions to renew, recharge and face challenges in teaching and learning. One develops awareness towards the self that supports one to become a complete human being. Indeed, this workshop is a journey of self transformation

The Sacred Classroom redefines who a teacher is and provides a framework for growth, and change of heart and mind-set.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Teacher Awareness and Wellbeing

  • Self Care Techniques

  • Facing and Learning from Challenges

  • Awareness of Self & Discernment

  • Transformation Tools

  • Releasing Negative Emotions and Recharging Energy

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

  • Teaching as a Journey towards Growth in Consciousness

  • Self Expression & Communication

  • The Seven principles of The Sacred Classroom

Program Rollout

The Sacred Classroom program has been rolled out across Government aided, semi private and private schools across the country. Social transformation projects were undertaken enmasse across Odisha and Karnataka.

Odisha Teacher Training

The Sacred Classroom in Odisha

In January 2020, The School and Mass Education Department of the Odisha Government along with UNICEF’s support for the training had invited us to deliver our signature Sacred Classroom program. Read more

Teacher Inspiration and Inner Well-Being

This video offers a glimpse of the Odisha Teacher Training Program conducted by Prajña Vidya, Bangalore showcasing the training during Jan-Feb of 2020.

Karnataka Teacher Training

The Sacred Classroom Teacher Training in Karnataka

Early this year we were invited by the Samagra Shiksha Kendra of Karnataka for training 270 early childhood teachers on emotional wellbeing and classroom management. … Read more

“All staffs are so cooperative in training that actually the training session is fantastic. I grateful to my group and group mentor for such wonderful activity experience. Being a Science teacher, I completely understand the value of activity based learning so I just want to say that everything in this training was perfect. A hearty thank you to all.”

Ramanakanta P.

“Feeling so grateful that I am attending a completely different training program. This programme the focus is to develop me, me as a teacher. This is very different from other training programs.”

Jeenashree R.

“I have learnt how to stabilize my mind and the mind of students. A stabilized mind can absorb the maximum.”

Pikun D.

Experiencing The Sacred Classroom
Teacher Reflections and Articles

The Principal’s Message

A typical day starts with a walk – a restful feeling under the shade of trees. At the gates, a smile and calmness dawns – a few kids hanging around the pillars of the Masters’ Hall, a kid greeting Jamoon, our school dog,

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Living the Sacred Classroom

As I work with children across grades, The Sacred Classroom principles have been instrumental in helping me become a better teacher and a present individual. The principles have also helped in connecting better to my co-workers

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Reflections on The Sacred Classroom Principles

reflectionsGiven below are some anecdotes and experiences in the classroom on the application of the Sacred classroom principles:

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16 minute Daily Breathing Exercises and Guided Meditation


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