The Sacred Classroom Trilogy of Guidebooks

These beautifully illustrated hard bound trilogy of guidebooks are simple Zen style reflections and quotes to guide a teacher in their journey. Teachers use the simply written Zen style passages to reflect deeply inside themselves and unblock while facing challenges in their teaching. These guidebooks The Trilogyare meant for awareness, inspiration, reflection and growth. They are meant to be used on a regular basis for growth in awareness.

The Sacred Classroom guidebook offers reflections and quotes on the seven principles to help you bring awareness to the where you are operating from as a teacher. Applying these principles on a regular basis leads to tremendous self understanding and growth for the teacher.

Four Step Learning guidebook helps teachers reflect and pay attention to all aspects of learning in the classroom. It is comprehensive and yet simple for teachers wanting to foster holistic engaged learning in the classroom.

CO creating Sacred covers the five aspects of a Sacred Classroom and helps a teacher bring in the right preparation into the classroom environment. It ties all aspects – inner and outer of a classroom, teacher and students. Following this guidebook can help you create a harmonious and balanced classroom.

The Sacred ClassroomTM
The Sacred ClassroomTM

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