Principal’s Message

principal messageA typical day starts with a walk – a restful feeling under the shade of trees. At the gates, a smile and calmness dawns – a few kids hanging around the pillars of the masters’ hall, a kid greeting Jamoon, our school dog, or another starting fire meditation. A slow, flowing start to a day. As the day unfolds, I gratefully acknowledge the Sacred Classroom, which has made it possible for each one of us to experience life to the fullest and tap the wisdom that is within.

‘Love’ is seldom in a school’s mandate. Yet, at Creative, not just love, but Unconditional Love is foundational to all of us. Starting with Unconditional Love, The Sacred Classroom is the backbone that helps us experience Creative as it is meant to be.

In 2010, when Jayashree and Ashok founded Creative as a holistic school, I was in a buzz. I was excited to bring in the tools of teachings – experiential theories, joyful initiatives, cognitive guided instruction, positive discipline, meditation, yoga, etc. That was simply not enough. I had to pause, unlearn and re-learn. ‘Holistic’ entailed practicing the principles of the Sacred Classroom – an essential training towards changing my consciousness and going beyond just tools.

Initially, practicing the art of Awareness and Abundance consistently shaped my teaching. Abundance is not just in time, but in the plentiful ways of experiencing childhood. With abundance, I feel simple Love for children at every moment. And Love doesn’t come without Respect for all souls wherever they are. A challenge faced by anyone is honoured with respect, not just consoled. With respect, nurturing limits, ‘kind and firm’, positive discipline, come from a genuine presence inside me. I transformed from a busy, committed teacher to a lively, happy and present teacher. With this energy, I consciously changed on how I saw students and teachers!

I gain strength through the last three principles. Mirroring gives acceptance and self love; Learning from Challenges happens with a smile, not with heaviness; Dropping our Ego requires a consistent sadhana and priceless pauses. I am further led inwards to explore deeper levels of consciousness.
Dynamically, the Sacred Classroom lives on in me and many others at Creative. Join us on this journey. Join the movement of the Sacred Classroom!

Love and Light,
Reshma Madhusudan